Uprev Remote Tuning Services

Uprev Remote Tuning Services

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Tuning is only available for V1 Jukes with the use of Uprev.

That includes; 2011-2014 Jukes with MR16DDT Engines

and 2015-2017 Nismo RS Jukes with the v1 MR16DDT Engines


The Process:

  • In an email with your order number, give days you are available so we can chose the day that works best for us.
  • We will respond within a few hours of the email during regular business hours, at this time we will ask to do a test of your laptops capabilities to be sure we can use it for the tuning session.
  • Call your local all wheel drive dyno (AWD Dyno IS REQUIRED for all Jukes, regardless of the drive of the vehicle) shop to set up a 4 hour dyno rental for remote tuning on the agreed upon date.
  • While you have them on the phone ask if they have an Uprev Cable, and license. Along with checking to see if they have WiFi in the building (Required)
  • IF they do not; you need to purchase a tuner cable and license from the Uprev website. And have a suitable laptop to use (CANNOT BE MAC or Chromebook)
  • The day before the tuning session; complete the pre-tuning session checklist that will be provided when you place your tuning order.
  • If at any time during this process it is found that the tuning cannot be done or must be canceled we will issue a refund at your request.


Remote Tuning FAQ:

Why an AWD Dyno if my car is front wheel drive?

The wheel speed sensors in the back of the Juke are used for traction control. If the PCM sees the front wheels moving and the rears stationary, it will attempt traction control EVEN IF the TC is "turned off". So to avoid ANY potential issues, we do all of our tuning on a AWD dyno.

If the rear speed sensors are the issue, why not just unplug them?

This will work on some Six Speed cars, but on a CVT vehicle, if the speed sensors are not all plugged in, the car will default to using yaw and g sensors, which can cause the CVT to not load properly. An AWD dyno is just the most proven way to effectively get a good tune on these cars.

How Much Juke Tuning Experience Do You Have?

We have tuned the worlds first 400 horsepower juke, and several big turbo swapped Jukes that we have built, all of which are still driving around to this day on our tunes, several of them making easily over 300 horsepower. On top of that we have tuned several oem turbocharged jukes.

How long will the tuning take?

We tell people to plan for a full day at the dyno, BUT, in most cases we can do a tune on a stock turbo car in a few hours. If there are issues with the car then this can obviously slow things way down, which is why we have the pre-tuning checklist!

How much power will I make?

We can't say. Every dyno reads different, so a vehicle can make 200 horsepower on one dyno and 160 on another, what we look to do is maximize the gains on the specific dyno used. Before we change anything in the ECU the car is put through 3 baseline pulls and we build off that. Your potential gains depend on several factors including; what mods you have, how well the car is put together, and the overall health of the vehicle just to name a few.

Is it safe to tune my Juke?

Increasing horsepower over the factory always comes with risks. Our tunes are typically on the safer side, as we know that these vehicles are typically daily driven and needed to get you and your family around. We do tune multiple MAPS with every tune, so for your every day driving you can use a more conservative tune, and when you need the power you can switch to a more aggressive MAP. This helps reduce strain on the vehicle and prolong its life.

Will my CVT be hurt during tuning?

CVT's are tough to work with. If you are asking this question you probably are aware that CVT's have a limited life span. Increasing the amount of power and torque put through a CVT WILL reduce its overall life expectancy. With that being said; if you drive the car with a lighter right foot, the CVT will be just as reliable as stock. The more you beat on it, the shorter its life will be. So how long it lives is entirely up to how you drive after the tuning.

I can't afford or get access to an AWD Dyno, can you just tune my car on the street?

No. It is EXTREMELY dangerous to do this. Along with the risks, you also cannot see what gains you are getting on the street. 1 degree of timing can be the difference between 5 more horsepower or 5 less horsepower at a certain point, 1 PSI of boost can be the difference between making good torque to redline or killing the curve, and without a dyno graph to show the change you do not know what is doing what.