Turbobay Upgraded OEM Turbochargers
Turbobay Upgraded OEM Turbochargers
Turbobay Upgraded OEM Turbochargers
Turbobay Upgraded OEM Turbochargers

Turbobay Upgraded OEM Turbochargers

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TheFastReligion is the ONLY place with Turbobay turbos in stock!

-Want a better torque curve and more potential power but don't want to break the bank?

-There is a $600 core charge. Once you have installed the turbocharger, you can send us back your oem turbo. IF it is in good, usable, condition, we will refund you the full $600 of the core charge.

-All Turbobay Performance Turbochargers feature:

TBP custom billet compressor wheel

CNC machined housings

TBP upgraded thrust bearing

New seals

New bearings

Machined clearances for upgraded internals

Clipped turbine wheel

Blasted and cleaned (ultrasonic cleaned).

Stage 2 Turbo feature a Larger Than Stock 11 Blade Compressor Wheel!

Stage 3 Turbo feature a 52MM 10 Blade Compressor Wheel!


-Why order through TFR and not Turbobay Direct?

We keep these turbos in stock and ready to ship, Turbobay usually has a 4-10 week lead time for these exact turbos. We did the waiting for you.

Package your order with other bolt-ons and save on shipping costs as well! 


Upgraded Turbo FAQ:

Do I need a tune after installing this?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: The car will run and drive per normal with the new turbo on the stock tune. IF you need to drive the car before getting a tune it is advised NOT to go wide open throttle. The ECU will compensate for the most part, but you just increased the CFM of the turbo by a good bit so it will not be perfect and could cause damage. Remember, a turbo only makes boost when over a certain percentage of throttle, so if you stay out of it it will drive fine.


Can I run this and keep the rest of the car stock?

You can, but it is not suggested. You should upgrade the diverter valve before doing this turbo upgrade. The oem intercooler is another issue. The stock unit heat-soaks VERY quickly, especially with how small the turbo is (even with this upgrade). It is a good idea to upgrade that, but this turbo will work with the oem unit.

Who can tune my car?

Anyone who can tune UpRev can tune your V1 Juke. Or, we offer remote tuning services!

How much more power will this make over stock?

We cannot answer that. It depends on the tune, the bolt-ons you have, the condition of the engine, and where in the world you are located. All we can do is provide you with the best hardware we can, the rest is up to your tuner/builder.

Okay, so its bigger, what about other specs?

We have worked with Turbobay to set this turbo up the best way we could for the user. Unfortunately a LOT of people and other companies try to copy parts like this, so to avoid that we have agreed with Turbobay to keep the full specs to ourselves. We do this with our camshaft profiles as well.

I want to keep my OEM turbocharger, just in case I need it, can I do that?

SURE! If we do not receive your turbo back you will not receive your $600 core charge back. This is standard practice with parts like this, we are sure you have seen a core charge if you ever bought an alternator at a parts store, or a brake caliper. If you want the core charge money back you can always call local junk yards to see if they have a turbo you can buy to send us.

Don't you say bolt on upgraded turbos aren't good?

Here's the thing; a bolt on upgraded turbo is limited in what it can do based on the size of the housings it is in. If you are looking to maximize what you can do without going full custom turbo kit, a bolt on turbo is for you. When I discuss BIG power, I refer to 350+ horsepower on these engines. A true big turbo system is for the person who wants the best you can get without sacrificing top end power for the sake of OEM packaging. Upgraded turbos like these use design principles the manufacturer used, which in this case, focused on low and mid range torque. This turbo will not get you 300 horsepower on a dynojet. IF you want BIG power, you need a big turbo. This is for someone who wants more power, a slightly better torque curve (less mountain more linear), and oem packaging so you can pass as stock.