Turbo and Turbo Manifold Hardware Kit (V1 MR16DDT)

Turbo and Turbo Manifold Hardware Kit (V1 MR16DDT)

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The oem hardware used on the MR16DDT is not the greatest. Due to how its constructed and designed, it has a tendency to snap off when removing the studs/nuts, or get jammed up when reinstalling.

Here is a solution to that.

This kit replaces:

-The three downpipe bolts/stud on the turbo

-The four studs from the turbo to the manifold (comes with two nuts, just in case two studs wont come out for you.)

-The eight nuts that bolt the manifold to the head.

This kit is perfect if you are installing a new turbocharger or replacing the downpipe. It wont prevent the oem hardware from snapping on its way out...but it sure will help things to back together easier!