Smart 453 Howler Intake
Smart 453 Howler Intake

Smart 453 Howler Intake

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The OEM intake only allows for a two square inch flow of air from the side air duct. This equates to only 10% of the total size of the air filter. This means that the turbocharger can only pull in as much air as that opening allows.

Compound that small inlet on top of the restrictions of the air filter; your basically choking the engine.

THEN, add on top of that; the built in "resonator" in the inlet tube creates a tumbling air effect, and you just have an insanely inefficient intake to the turbocharger. 

Typically on turbo applications, these effects are not greatly noticed, but due to the short travel the air takes from turbo to throttle, an inefficient flow of air can create major changes in power delivery.

This intake eliminates all of these issue. The entire intake is replaced with a solid aluminum 2" tube, which is larger than stock. This smooth tube creates an efficient and stable air flow into the turbocharger, increasing its efficiency significantly!

The open air filter allows for a ~73% increase in available air volume, which also increases the turbos efficiency significantly!

After being installed on our test car the owner stated "The car feels so much more peppy!"

Available with or without a custom oil catch can, something the OEM system desperately needs. Most 453's have pools of oil sitting in their intake from the PCV and Evap system that returns into the intake pipe.

This intake also increases the induction noises DRASTICALLY. It also allows you to actually hear the recirculation valve. A fun turbo noise everyone can enjoy! This is made even better when combined with out recirculation valve system.

*Catch cans no longer available*


To install:

Remove the circulation fan; 2 10mm nuts, 1 10mm bolt, and power connector.

Remove the air box lid; two torx screws, and one hose clamp.

Remove intake tube; one hose clamp on the turbo (access from under the car), one retaining clip for PCV hose connection.

Remove lower air box; 1 10mm bolt, lows of twisting and turning, it is a tight fit.

Install catch can using the lower airbox bolt, installing the CV hose adapter until sealed.

Install the intake, being sure that the filter element does not rest on any parts not attached to the engine.

Connect remaining hoses.