FR Custom Turbosmart Kompact EVR07 Dual Port Blow-Off Valve 50/50

FR Custom Turbosmart Kompact EVR07 Dual Port Blow-Off Valve 50/50

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Audible whoosh noise when installed


 The OEM Diverter Valve uses a metal on metal "seal". These leak from factory. By replacing the stock valve with this one, you no longer have the boost leak. This leads to more efficient use of the turbochargers energy, which helps maintain power and increase over-all engine efficiency.


We modify the boost/vac reference block to fit on the USA MR16DDT.

Originally made for the Renault Clio RS 200 1.6t. How-To video for install coming soon.

The Dual Port is a 50-50 recirculation/vent-to-atmosphere valve for that classic vent-to-atmosphere sound at high boost, and quiet operation at low boost. 

The standard valve can bleed boost, and if you're chasing more power, it will struggle to keep up. The plastic construction means that it becomes brittle over time, and can eventually crack, causing significant boost leaks.

Turbosmart's Kompact provides race-bred capability in a bolt-on replacement for the Clio's factory BOV. A lightweight piston, precisely matched to each individual valve body, ensures excellent response and reliability. Because of the fine tolerance between the piston and bore, the Shortie does not need an O-ring between the body and piston is to seal the BOV. This enhances response, reduces required maintenance and improves long-term durability.

The product includes a Turbosmart Boost Reference Adapter, which provides access to a boost reference without any destructive methods, such as tapping into the manifold. This means the modification is completely reversible, important when the time comes to sell your car.