Greddy Boost Clamp Kit (V1 MR16DDT)

Greddy Boost Clamp Kit (V1 MR16DDT)

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Upgrade from the oem style clamps to these high-performance Boost Clamps from the internationally known brand Greddy!

These use not only the tightening force of the clamp to hold piping on, but also has two inner ribs that bite into the hose, adding an extra layer of sealing to the clamp!


Replaces the following 7 hose clamps:

  • Throttle Body
  • Upper Intercooler pipe to front intercooler pipe
  • Crossover intercooler pipe to front intercooler pipe
  • Diverter valve tube (both ends)
  • Airbox outlet (requires trimming off rubber tab)
  • Turbo Inlet (requires trimming off rubber tab)


From Greddy:

GReddy Dual-bead Boost Clamps are ideal for air to air and coolant applications. The inner shield provides sealing characteristics and is safe for all soft hoses. Its design helps keep the clamp tight, but not so tight to damage hoses or tubing. 

  • Black coated Stainless-steel hose clamps
  • The design helps in prevent of turbo hoses from blow off.
  • Flanged edges protect soft hoses, such as silicone or rubber, from damages.
  • Ideal upgrade for improved looks with the black coating and GReddy laser engraved logo on each clamp.
  • 8mm Hex / Flathead adjustment head
  • 6 adjustable sizes to fit most boost applications.


Pictures coming soon.

Install video coming soon.