FastReligion Upgraded Axles (Including RS)
FastReligion Upgraded Axles (Including RS)

FastReligion Upgraded Axles (Including RS)

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Manual Transmission only

A hard launch at only 300 ft/lbs can snap an OEM axle like a toothpick. An RS Axle at that.

As the Juke/B17 Sentra platforms get more powerful, we need a drivetrain that can handle it. 

We teamed up with a local axle company to design these beefy axles to do just that!

Made from chromoly steel, these are rated to upwards of 1000 ft lbs of torque.

We ditched the outside CV joint in favor of a traditional U-Joint for a few reasons:

U-Joints are far less susceptible to failure from harsh, sudden, delivery of torque, such as launching a car. Because the axles we tested tended to fail at the hub end, we added this change to reduce the chances of damage.

U-Joints are also serviceable. Unlike the CV bearings that come stock, u-joints can be serviced if/when they wear out. 

We can make these fit both sub-RS models, and RS models. RS axles require you send us your axles, as we have to re-use the inner spline section to make them.

Billet carrier bearing bracket coming soon.

If you send us your axles to be used as a core, they will be inspected to make sure they are usable, we reserve the right to reject cores for use.


2-3 week lead time on all orders. Hand made and splined in Massachusetts.