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FastReligion Six Speed Shifter Tensioner

FastReligion Six Speed Shifter Tensioner

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Ever noticed how sloppy the shifter in your six speed juke/sentra feels?

We have a solution for that.

This simple mechanism gets rid of up to 50% of the slop in the shifter assembly and installs in minutes. See the video below for a demonstration.

The oem shifter uses a plastic "bushing" to stop the shifter from moving too much left and right, but this "bushing" is very loose. This can cause issues like accidental mis-shifting, difficulty finding a gear, or can even increase the time it takes to do things like power-shift.

After creating the prototype we had the owner of a Juke in the shop try rowing through the gears with it installed, his thoughts: "Holy Crap! It feels so much more...sure. Like I know when I am at a gear now!" -Chad

Fits all Six Speed Sentras and Jukes with the MR16DDT (V1 and V2)