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FastReligion Roll Race Module
FastReligion Roll Race Module
FastReligion Roll Race Module
FastReligion Roll Race Module

FastReligion Roll Race Module

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The Six Speed Jukes and Sentra's have a built in safety that stops you from doing what is called "brake boosting" while the car is moving. In other words, you cannot apply light brake pressure and hold the throttle open at the same time to pre-load boost.

We have come up with a module to bypass this feature!


Takes ~15 minutes to install and requires basic knowledge of how to do wiring.

Mounts behind the knee panel under the steering column, making it stealthy.

Activation button can be mounted anywhere you chose, it comes with extra wire so you have more options!

Comes with:

  • Roll Race Module.
  • Butt Connectors.
  • Momentary Switch.
  • Add-A-Circuit.
  • Wiring Diagram.

How it works:

When you are ready to brake boost, hold the button down. Gently press the brake pedal and apply throttle to maintain your speed. The harder you press the brake and gas, the more boost and available torque. Then release the brake pedal + button and HOLD ON.


In testing on a CVT, the CVT is not designed for sudden torque shock and as a result the CVT bucks violently. They also require addition modules to work, as the CVT vehicles have addition switch controls.



This DISABLES built in safety features in the vehicle, including the brake lights, while the button is being pressed. This is intended for OFF ROAD and sanctioned racing ONLY. NOT FOR USE ON PUBLIC ROADS