FastReligion CVT Cooler Kit (V1 CVT)

FastReligion CVT Cooler Kit (V1 CVT)

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We made a video some time ago about how to make an affordable CVT cooler for the V1 Juke. Well, it is really hard to find the cooler parts to make it so cheap. From Nissan, the oem cooler housing needed costs $200+!! So, to help out, here is the ENTIRE cooler kit ready to install!

We installed this kit on a Juke with a CVT Temp. gauge. The owner has seen her CVT fluid temps be at an average of 20*F cooler since the cooler install! (Thanks Angela!)



OEM CVT Cooler from the Nissan Rogue

4.5' of Transmission Fluid Rated Hose

Tube and Fin Cooler

Hose Clamps

(4) Radiator Zip Straps