FastReligion Analog Boost-By-Gear System

FastReligion Analog Boost-By-Gear System

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For use with any boost control system that uses a 2-wire, 3 port solenoid to operate.

Designed specifically to mount to the shifter in 2011-2018 Nissan Jukes with the V1 MR16DDT. Can easily be adapted to any vehicle.

We offer several options:

Analog: This simple system is just switches mounted to our custom mounts. It simply is used to interrupt the circuit of the solenoid to turn it off. These analog systems can also be used with aftermarket boost controllers for extra functions mentioned below. These are always active and will cause a CEL when used with the oem boost control system.

Switch Options: We offer mounts for the Juke Shifter that engage gears in the following sets: R-1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 3 by itself.



How does it work?

The simple function works like this; a switch is mounted to the shifter so that when the shifter is in a specific pair of gears, the signal from the ecu (or boost controller) to the 3-port solenoid is interrupted. This reverts the boost pressure to the lower wastegate pressure. When the car is out of that set of gears, the connection is re-established and boost control functions as normal.

What use is this?

Front wheel drive vehicles tend to have very limited traction in 1st and 2nd gear. A lot of newer vehicles, such as the Focus ST and Fiesta ST, come with a reduced boost level in these gears specifically to increase traction at slower speeds. This becomes even more important after a vehicle is tuned for more power. Reducing the power output in low gears significantly helps traction and can result in a much better accelerating vehicle. Because of how this system works, you can also reduce power in other gear pairs, such as 3-4 and 5-6 depending on your specific needs. Reduced boost in 5-6 gear helps avoid boost creep issues when trying to accelerate at low to mid RPM's when you forget or neglect to down shift (lugging the engine). This helps preserve engine life, and avoid issues related to over-boosting, such as violent boost cuts. This is mostly an issue on tuned vehicles or vehicles running aftermarket boost controllers.

Why do I need this with my aftermarket boost controller?

Many aftermarket boost controllers now come with multiple boost settings. For example the AEM Tru-boost X Series we mainly use in our shop offers 4 settings. Off (wastegate pressure), Boost A, Boost B, and Scramble Boost. With our system you can now operate 3 of these boost levels without having to touch the controller; Off, Boost A OR B, and Scramble Boost. Mounting a switch to 1-2 can be used to disconnect the solenoid from the controller, thus giving you wastegate pressure for taking off. Mounting a switch to 3-4 can allow you to run Boost A OR B when in those gears. Mounting a switch to 5-6 means you can activate scramble boost if you need more power at the lower torque gears. OR, you can run scramble boost in 3-4 where the most power is usually used on the track and run a lower boost setting to 5-6. Really anything is possible. The Turbosmart E-Boost controller offers a boost by gear system. Using our switch system, you can now use that system on your car!


Will this cause a CEL?

Yes. This will cause a CEL. This system is designed for racing use. If you do not plan on using the system all the time, the digital variant can be installed. This one can be turned on and off, and when off, no CEL will occur. If a CEL is present after use, you will need to clear that code.

Doesn't the code it throws cause the boost to stay low?

No. We tested this dozens of times here in the shop. Once the solenoid is re-connected, the vehicle operates normally even with the CEL on.


These are designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Consult your tuner before installing.

These are typically made to order. Please allow 1-2 weeks to ship.