FastRelgion OBD2 Relocation Kit
FastRelgion OBD2 Relocation Kit

FastRelgion OBD2 Relocation Kit

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We designed this kit for when we are dyno tuning six speed cars.

Nissan, in all of their infinite wisdom, has the OBD port exactly where you leg needs to be to operate the clutch. Even if you are doing diagnostics, or want to use an OBD accessory, this spot is not suitable for really anything.


We came up with this kit that installs in minutes to fix that.


It relocates the OBD port to the passenger side and mounts it in a holster. When you need to use it, you simply remove the port from its holster and plug in.


To install:

Simply remove the 2 Philips head screws holding the OBD2 port in, using the provided Velcro strap, strap it out of the way.

Plug in the OBD extension cable and route it behind the lower kick panel into the passenger compartment.

Using the provided self taping screw, orient the holster so the OBD port will be at a slightly downwards angle, then install.