VF48 VS Stock Turbo

Basic information;

Peak Power: 209.2 AWHP

Peak Torque: 216 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 6400

Peak Boost: 25PSI


Engine Modifications;

Used Vf48 Turbocharger

FastReligion FMIC

2.5" Downpipe WITH Catalytic Converter

FastReligion SCD

Custom 2.5" Cat-Back Exhaust

Turbosmart Diverter Valve

Injen Short Ram Intake


This was our first attempt at a Subaru based turbo in a Juke. We started by comparing a stock turbo to a VF48 turbo on the same car with NO TUNE changed between them. The results where amazing. Graph is below. The car picked up MASSIVE power from 3800 rpm to redline. Almost 20 ft lbs of torque and 20 AWHP!!! Putting the car, on a stock tune, at 191.4 AWHP!!! Oem turbos struggle to reach that number and suffer from massive torque drop when they do get there. The VF turbo had a better over-all torque curve that was flat at peak boost, where the oem turbo would already be falling off from the factory.

We drove this car on a stock tune with the VF48 for over a YEAR to see how the car would react. We had NO issues. The car had over 10k miles put on it and never showed signs of problems.

We then tuned the car. Because it had a CVT and it was a daily driven vehicle, we wanted to be 100% sure it would maintain reliability. So, all we did was turn the boost up to 20psi from the stock 15-16psi. We adjusted fuel a bit, and that was it. We made 209 AWHP in about 15 minutes of tuning. We could have made much more if we added timing and more boost, but we had already beaten what a stock turbo car could do if it ran more boost, and that was fine for us. This car went on to receive a 16G turbo a year later, and maxed the CVT out at 267 AWHP. 

VF48 in red, stock in green:

compare graphs

209 AWHP Graph:

209 graph