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Project Mildly Crazy Juke

While we where building Insane Juke the first time around we where contacted by a gentleman named Duane. He saw what we where doing and wanted the same thing, just not as intense. His Juke Nismo was AWD, and we did no know how far the AWD system would go. So we set out to make at least 250 AWHP.

The Plan:

We ran into some issues along the way, and because we had Insane Juke going at the same time, we could not film as much. BUT, we EXCEEDED our expectations. When we brought the car to UpRev to get tuned, we told them to stop when it hit 250 awhp, as to preserve CVT life. Well, when we picked it up..267!!!! It pulled like a bat out of hell. At only 18 psi. We even got a chance to take some Nissan Employees for a ride!


A few months after we gave the car back to Duane, his CVT did fail. He installed a new CVT and had the tune adjusted so the torque came on a lot slower, and has been driving it around ever since! Awesome car!