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Project Insane Juke

To get started: Meet Mike

In the beginning, we started with a big turbo, then we decided to really go for it. Mike wanted more low end and more wow factor for car meets. So we moved into his personal garage and got to work. We switched from a oem manifold with an adapter, to a full tubular/log hybrid manifold, which used larger runners and allowed for an external wastegate, which was to be dumped out the hood. All in all the car made 260 whp at 18psi.

The plan:


But less than a year later, Mike wanted more. We where going to push the CVT to the limit. So we took the name of the build and really ran with it. Things got INSANE. We where going to a full tubular manifold, a ball bearing garrett gtx turbo, nitrous, a water to air tank, a bigger radiator, and the LARGEST CVT cooler we could fit in the car. On top of all that, we commissioned 2J Racing to develop the first forged internals for the MR16DDT. We had the bottom end forged and built, just in case we got the CVT further than we though possible.

The Plan 2:

The CVT started to slip at 279 WHP at 18 psi. Not what we wanted, but all of the data we got from this build really helped show everyone whats needed to make some serious power on these cars, and whats what we aim to do, push limits. Full details of the dyno tune in the video below!