Full On FR-S

The Anti-Stig. Normal people call him Mike Crane, but we...we have a bit more life experience with him. This is actually the second car Matt has turbocharge for Mike. The first was a Scion tC2 back in 2012.

When Mike bought this car, Matt had some hope. It was a real sports car. But after a few videos showing how slow it was, including the one posted below, Mike knew it needed more power.

So the process began. Mike wanted to keep to a budget (shocking), and wanted the car to appear and sound stock. So Matt found a turbo kit online that featured a water to air intercooler system and showed it to Mike. That was going to be the basis for the project.

 The design we where going for involved a lot of tight quarters fabrication. The up-pipe and down-pipe would be almost touching. The intercooler was only millimeters away from the hood. Wiring would have to be relocated, and VERY specific bends would need to be used. It was no easy task and involved a LOT of cussing.

After placement was sorted out, it was just hard fab time. Things went fairly smooth considering how close everything was. Well, it went smoothly until SOMEONE messed up a simple flange placement.


The finish work is always the most tedious. It only took a few weeks to get this car from torn apart to fully functioning. It was a VERY rewarding process. 


After putting it around a bit in the car to make sure there where no leaks, it was time to put a street tune on the car. We added fuel and pulled timing until it drove with no knock. Then we took Mike for a ride. The reaction is worth every hour.

 Then something went terribly wrong. Matt took the car for a ride to bring Mike home in the car...and he may or may not have pushed a little too hard on the street tune. It sent a rod out the top of the block. Sadly we did not get this on video. After pulling some magic out of his butt, Matt managed to get a NEW short block installed on the car from Toyota (don't ask). It was then decided that this thing needed a built bottom end. So. That is what we did. 50 miles after the new short block was installed, we pulled it out, broke it down, and send it out for a rebuild.

After we installed the engine back in, and did a 500 mile break in, we then took it to get tuned up at Granite State Dyno. Which was an adventure all on its own.


Since that tune, we have replaced the Gt28 turbo with a Bloush 16G turbo, which makes more torque and top end. We have also added an electronic boost controller. New numbers will be in from a fresh tune in the coming months.