Clean Air Act Information

If you haven't heard,

The EPA is cracking down HARD on business's that sell performance parts. We will include some reference material below. Companies as large as Magnaflow have been hit by this.

For those of you that do not know, we are a small 3 person business operating out of a three car garage. If the EPA fines us, we will be forced to shut down.

We have spent a lot of time figuring out how to approach this, and still retain the affordability and quality of our parts. We are aware that our competitors will probably not be taking these steps for a while, but we would like to get ahead of it before the issue gets more serious.

We know some of these changes will cause customers to go to the cheaper options on the market, but keep in mind, this is also to protect you. If we get fined, the EPA is taking customer lists. This is what happened recently to PFI Speed.

In order to stay as compliant as we can the following changes will be happening starting on 6-21-21:

  • All exhaust components we make and sell will come with Federal Legal Catalytic Converters installed (Excluding parts that do not originally come with one). More information on the cats we will be using can be found below.
  • Due to the way they fit, V2 Downpipes do not have a location for a catalytic converter to be added, so, until we find a solution for that, these will not be available.
  • Prices on these exhaust parts will increase by $120.
  • Big turbo kits will be receiving a re-design, so we can find ways to compensate for the flow restrictions of the catalytic converters. The kits that have already been paid for will be made as they where before, and the buyers will be contacted with options for changing them if they wish.



There is no getting around the fact that this whole situation SUCKS for everyone. Even if the RPM act passes, the performance car parts industry will never be the same.


The federal legal cats we will be installing are flow rated to a higher CFM than the OEM Nissan cats, so our exhaust components will still be a MASSIVE improvement over stock. Also, by installing our components you will still be enlarging the over-all exhaust diameter, which means you will still receive the benefit from doing that.


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