Budget Big Turbo Juke

Now this build was a true test, and is still on-going as we publish this page. This car is owned by Matt himself. After Insane Juke gave us heaps of data, and Mildly Crazy Juke showed us the limits of the AWD CVT, Matt got an idea. What turbo will do 250 AWHP, can be purchased used for cheap, and can be installed to look basically stock? All without having to have the car down for less than 8 hours. The answer: the Subaru VF48 adapted to the Juke MR16DDT using a specially designed jig and spare engine assembly. Matt was able to get a turbo for under $300, and used nothing but materials laying around the shop (other than special fittings needed to change form Subaru fittings to work on a Nissan).

The Plan:


This was also an ideal time to get more data on different turbos and how they effect the MR16DDT. So we did a before dyno test, and then with the turbo installed ON THE FACTORY TUNE AND BOOST, another dyno test.

Baseline Test:


After a one year test period on the stock tune and boost levels, the car goes for it's dyno tune on 7/25/18. More info to come then. In that year, the car has had no issues in the 11k miles that have been put on it, and has seen an increase in 3mpg highway.