481 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 481 WHP

Peak Torque: 380 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 7400 RPM

Peak Boost: 40PSI


Engine Modifications:

  • FastReligion Connecting Rods
  • King Engine Bearings
  • Blouch Dominator 3.0XT-R Turbo
  • FastReligion ARP Head Stud Kit
  • Diamond Racing Pistons
  • FastReligion Race Cam
  • FastReligion Supertech Valve Springs
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • Custom Tubular Turbo Manifold
  • Custom Intake Manifold
  • FastReligion FMIC600
  • Turbosmart 40mm Wastegate Full Recirculation
  • FastReligion MAC Valve Upgrade
  • FastReligion AUX Fuel System
  • AEM Water/Methanol System
  • Custom Water/Methanol Tank
  • Turbosmart Vee-Port Blow Off Valve
  • Custom 3" Downpipe
  • FastReligion LS Alternator Kit
  • Custom 3" Second Cat Pipe
  • Custom 3" Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Custom 3" Intake
  • Uprev GT MAF
  • FastReligion MAP Sensor Upgrade (4 BAR)
  • ClutchMasters Stage 3 Clutch/Flywheel
  • AEM 340 LPH Fuel Pump
  • OEM Boost Control System

This is Ben's second build with us. His first was a big turbo Sentra SR Turbo that made 265 horsepower on stock boost. When he said he wanted big power, we told him to get a Juke and we would make it happen. Three weeks later, he dropped off a beautiful Nismo Juke. 

The plan was to get to around 500 horsepower. To do that we knew we had to turn an open deck block into a closed deck block. So that is what we did. Using moroso block filler, we made him a closed deck block, with a 3/4" deck. Knowing our engine internals could take it, we went to find a solution to the next issue; head and cam flow. We worked with Crower once again to design a race spec cam. This thing was amazing. On its first start, it sounded like a dragster. We fixed that in the tune, so now you wouldn't even know.

Once everything was put together, we whipped him up a custom turbo manifold and intake manifold. Once the car was running, Ben took the car for a 500ish mile break in drive, he brought it back, we did an oil change, and on to the dyno we went. 

The turbo system effortlessly did 400 horsepower, with a very nice torque curve. But this turbo was rated to 550 crank horsepower. We had to max it out. Thanks to our aux fuel system, and other supporting mods, this was easily done. Very slowly, over the course of a few days, we picked away at adding more and more power, being careful not to over-stress the engine as we went. 

It was 84 degrees with 61% humidity in the shop on the final day, the worst circumstances to try and make power. But make power WE DID! Below you will find the final graph, a screenshot of our weather settings, and a photo of a thermometer we had sitting in the shop to ensure we had accurate temps for the dyno. 

Build photos below!


Build Photos: