423 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 423 WHP

Peak Torque: 346 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 7900

Peak Boost: 32PSI


Engine Mods;

FastReligion FMIC600 (Prototype)

Turbosmart Vee Port Blow Off Valve

FastReligion Short Ram Intake

BPT Dominator 1.5XT Twin Scroll Turbo

2.5" Downpipe

FastReligion Second Cat Upgrade

FastReligion Cat-Back Exhaust

FastReligion Custom Tubular Manifold

ClutchMasters Stage 3 Clutch and Flywheel

FastReligion ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gasket

FastReligion Supertech Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers

FastReligion Connecting Rods

FastReligion Street Cam

Diamond Pistons

King Bearings

FastReligion MAP Sensor

AEM Methanol Injection (500cc nozzle)

FastReligion MAC Valve Upgrade

WaveTrac LSD

Turbosmart Universal IWG (18PSI Base Rate)

FastReligion Aux Fuel System


AEM 340 LPH Fuel Pump

FastReligion Bumper Tank (2 Gallon)


This vehicle was actually here a year prior for an OEM+ engine rebuild and big turbo system, you can check out how that build came out HERE.

The owner reached out and said he wanted to get all his turbo could give him. So, we got an engine together in a week and he shipped the car up from Georgia. We noticed his transmission was hurting, and the third gear syncro was basically gone. So we ordered him up a brand new OEM transmission, installed an LSD, and put everything in the car.

This car retained the OEM intake manifold and OEM boost control system, proving that upgrading either of those things is not necessary. 

This vehicle also contains Federally Legal Catalytic converters, and only uses a 2.5" exhaust from the turbo back, showing you can be kind to captain planet, keep the noise down, and make killer power.