347 WHP Juke RS

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Basic information;

Peak Power: 347.88 WHP

Peak Torque: 273.76 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 6900

Peak Boost: 18PSI


Engine Mods;


BPT 16G Turbocharger

2.5" Downpipe

FastReligion Turbo Adapter

OEM Boost Solenoid

OEM Wastegate Actuator

Turbosmart Diverter Valve

ClutchMasters Stage 4 Clutch and Flywheel

FastReligion ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gasket

2J Second Cat Delete

2J Cat-Back Exhaust

2J Intercooler



This build...oh this build.

We where contacted by a customer in Florida about ordering a built engine from us. After inquiring as to why they needed one, we where informed another shop had tuned the car, and shortly after the car started smoking and running weird.

The customer was aiming to get 300 wheel horsepower from their car, and was directed to install a 21T turbo upgrade. After a few tuning sessions and thousands of dollars in extra parts and labor, the car made just shy of 285 wheel horsepower at 26 psi and the customer was not happy with how it felt.

We flew him up here to take him for rides in several of the big turbo vehicles we had built. Before he even made it to the shop from the airport, he was shocked at how much harder the big turbo car pulled.

Budget was a big concern with this build. After spending all the money the first time, he was about tapped out, but needed the car back to running right. We priced out the most affordable engine rebuild we could, and managed to piece together a very affordable 16g turbo kit. We retained the intercooler that was on the vehicle to save the customer money, which meant a little more time on the dyno, as we had several heat soak issues if we did back to back pulls.

The goal was 300 whp (dynojet). At only 14psi we very easily met that goal. We then made him a "low" power tune for normal commuting. At only 9psi, the lowest we could get the power, without pulling unreasonable amount of timing, was 277 whp (dynojet). We slowly ramped up the boost to make the car as smooth as possible, reaching peak boost just a bit before rev-limit.

Then, because this engine was brand new and things had been going well. We put a 18psi tune on the car and did just one pull. 347 whp. Everyone in the room was shocked. The torque took a hard nose-dive towards the top of the pull, showing we where fighting the cam profile again. We set that as his map 3 and informed the customer to basically NEVER use it, unless he really needed to.

We made 60+ more horsepower with 8psi less boost pressure, using an all stock boost control system. The 16g turbo also made peak boost on a few hundred RPM after the 21T turbo. A concern we often hear about going big turbo is about lag. This sort of showed that should not be a concern.

Check out how smooth the torque curves are, and how straight the power curve is:

277 whp:

300 whp:

347 whp: