335 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 335.4 WHP

Peak Torque: 270.2 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 7900

Peak Boost: 17PSI


Engine Mods;

FastReligion FMIC600 (Prototype)

Turbosmart Vee Port Blow Off Valve

FastReligion Short Ram Intake

BPT Dominator 1.5XT Twin Scroll Turbo

2.5" Downpipe

FastReligion Second Cat Upgrade

FastReligion Cat-Back Exhaust

FastReligion Custom Tubular Manifold

ClutchMasters Stage 3 Clutch and Flywheel

FastReligion ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gasket

FastReligion Supertech Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers


This vehicle was shipped from Georgia to us in Mass. The customer suspected the turbocharger was on its way out. We did a compression test (as we do on all vehicles that come in for major work) and found one of his cylinders was very low compared to the rest. To keep the cost down we opted for an OEM rebuild+.

We had the head rebuilt and new bearings and rings installed. The assembly was re-balanced, and the bore was re-honed to perfection.

When we ordered the turbo, we where accidentally sent the twin scroll version of the turbo. The project was already behind schedule, so instead of dealing with a lengthy return process, we simply used the turbo.

Our first power pull at 18 psi the car made WAY TOO MUCH POWER. On stock timing, only slight amounts of cam phasing, and a conservative fuel map the car his 335 WHP! You can see in the graph that as soon as it hit the ~330 mark the power just takes a nose dive. Showing that the cam profile was restricting it.

Timing was pulled and fuel map changed to get the power down to a nice 311 WHP. A bit above our safe limit, but better than pushing 330+. We did not want to pull boost, because the turbo was clearly very happy at 18psi.

335 whp:



311 WHP:

311 WHP

311 data