311 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 311.8 WHP

Peak Torque: 271.5Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 6900

Peak Boost: 21.5PSI


Engine Mods:

BPT 16G Turbo

FastReligion Turbo Adapter

FastReligion VF Style Catted Downpipe

FastReligion Second Cat Upgrade

Turbosmart 50/50 Diverter Valve

Clutchmasters FX250 Clutch/Flywheel

FastReligion Modified and Repaired Customer Supplied Intake

Customer Supplied FMIC

Customer Supplied Cat-Back


This car came to us from over 4 hours away for some much needed help. The customer had installed full bolt on's, including a 21T turbo, and had the car tuned. Only a few short weeks after getting the car tuned (by another shop), the turbocharger suffered catastrophic failure, as many 21T turbo's do when over-boosted. The customer also complained of serious vibrations under throttle, and oil consumption. 

After literal months of telling the customer to send us the vehicle to get the build done right, he finally had it shipped up. We ripped into the car finding and resolving several issues. We diagnosed the engine vibrations as a result of having a cat-less turbo-back exhaust with NO flex sections in it. 

Working within the customers budget we where able to create a beautiful 16G turbo system for him. With two federally legal cats and using the oem boost control system, this car was destined for daily driven glory.

At only 21.5 psi and 8* peak timing, we where able to make a repeatable and comfortable 311 wheel horsepower with a beautifully flat torque curve with a peak of 271 ft lbs! We hope the customer gets many years and many smiles from his newly built whip! Enjoy!



New power compared to a stock Juke:


Correction factor information: 4-22-23. 62* F. 57% Humidity. 30.05 Local Barometer. Final correction factor: 1.0083.