305 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 305.6 WHP

Peak Torque: 262.7Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 7200

Peak Boost: 24PSI


Engine Mods:

FastReligion 16G Turbo System

2.5" Catted Downpipe

FastReligion Second Cat Upgrade

FastReligion Cat-Back

FastReligion FMIC

FastReligion Custom Intake Manifold

FastReligion Carbon Fiber Intake

FastReligion Hidden OCC

Turbosmart Vee-Port Blow Off Valve

FastReligion Valve Springs

FastReligion ARP Head Stud Kit

FastReligion Electronic Boost Controller

FastReligion Boost By Gear System

OEM Clutch/Flywheel

OEM Head Gasket


The owner of this car purchased it two years ago with a blown engine for cheap. We rebuilt the engine and did minor upgrades while it was apart. Things like ARP head studs and valve springs. At the same time we installed a 16G turbo system on the car. It was then driven 15k+ miles on a base tune without issue.

The car gave us a bit of a hard time to make power, requiring 3 more psi of boost than normal, but it is more than likely due to the obscenely heavy flywheel on the vehicle and the insane humidity on the day of tuning. We were able to get away with running a miniscule 9 degrees of timing at redline.

We use the vehicle to do final testing on our soon to be release electronic boost controller and our soon to be released analog boost by gear system.