303 WHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 303.1 WHP

Peak Torque: 246.9 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 6700

Peak Boost: 17PSI


Engine Modifications;

BPT Dominator 1.5XT Turbocharger

FastReligion MAC Valve Upgrade

2.5" Downpipe

FastReligion SCD

FastReligion FMIC

Turbosmart Vee Port Blow Off Valve

Prototype FastReligion Intake Manifold

Injen Cat-Back Exhaust

FastReligion Short Ram Intake

ClutchMaster Stage 3 Clutch and Flywheel


This car was the first big turbo six speed car we tested our intake manifold with and did the development for our intakes on! The engine was un-opened. All we did was change the clutch and make the turbo kit and tuned it. It was tuned to have extremely linear power delivery as to avoid making the car too much of a handful when accelerating. We set the cam phasing up in such a way to avoid any torque spikes from turbo spool.

Compared to other 1.5xt cars, we noticed how easily the car was making mid to top end torque. We needed less boost to make the same power. The larger plenum and runner design on the intake did exactly as it was designed to. So much so, that we really had to spend time smoothing out the torque curve by pulling and adjusting the timing in the mid range.

Dyno Graph: