258 AWHP Juke

Basic information;

Peak Power: 258 AWHP

Peak Torque: 261 Ft Lbs

Rev Limit: 6400

Peak Boost: 25PSI


Engine Modifications;

BPT 16G Turbocharger

Injen Short Ram Intake

Turbosmart Diverter Valve

FastReligion FMIC

FastReligion MAC Valve Upgrade

2.5" Downpipe

FastReligion SCD

Custom Cat-Back Exhaust

FastReligion CVT Cooler


Having previously tuned a 16G AWD CVT Vehicle (the shop Nismo), we new how much the CVT held back power. Because of this, we creeped the boost up to 25psi on the top end. This helped keep the torque delivery quite linear, and thus would put less stress onto the CVT. Due to how CVT's dyno, the graph is in time, not RPM, so it looks a bit weird. This car has put over 25k miles on it with this set up with no issues to report with the CVT. The turbo set up was replaced with a stock unit in July 2021 so that the turbo kit could be fitted to the owners six speed Juke.

The data sheet is currently not available.

Dyno Graph: