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FastReligion Metal 6-Speed Shift Knob (CLEARANCE!)

FastReligion Metal 6-Speed Shift Knob (CLEARANCE!)

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With both the Juke and Sentra, Nissan used an...interesting...choice for mounting the shift knob on the six speeds. It is pressed on.

That makes finding knobs that will fit fairly challenging.

Not anymore.

We have taken the two most commonly requested knob designs and developed custom inserts that make it a breeze to install these on your Juke or Sentra!

Worried about the reverse lockout? These have been designed to be securely mounted without having to go so low as to effect the way reverse lockout works.




To install:

  1. Using a pair of large plyers and a towel; cover the factory shift knob with the towel (this is to prevent damaging your factory knob).
  2. Very tightly grab the factory knob with the plyers and begin to turn the knob side to side, it will take some serious effort to initially break it free.
  3. Once the knob twists fairly easily, start to pull upwards are you twist, this will start removing the knob. BE CAREFUL! The knob can suddenly pop off and damage the car or even you!
  4. Using a damp cloth clean the knurling that holds the knob in place.
  5. Now put the car in reverse. This helps make sure you do not mount the knob too low and prevent the reverse lockout from working.
  6. At this point you can remove the reverse lockout spring and paint it black to better hide the 1/4" or so that will be exposed, but this is not required. You can remove the spring all together, but you will have to manually lower the reverse lockout every tie you take the vehicle out of reverse so this is not recommended.
  7. Using a block of wood, towel, and hammer proceed to the next steps.
  8. Place the new knob onto the shifter so the hole lines up with the shaft.
  9. Place the towel over the knob and the block of wood on top of that. This is to prevent damaging the new knob during the install.
  11. Using the hammer, tap on the block of wood hard enough to slowly start pressing the new knob on.
  12. Get the knob far enough down that it leaves ~1/8 gap between the lockout mechanism and the base of the knob. AGAIN BE SURE THE CAR IS IN REVERSE.
  13. ALL DONE!